365 Days Of Dark Art : 65 / Caitlin Hackett

So, we have reached day 65 of the 365 days of Dark Art series. (I'm aware that some have been posted on odd days, and for this I apologise, but life, you know?) Anyway, I wanted to feature an artist who I think is really bloody special for this 65th post. The artist I opted… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 65 / Caitlin Hackett

Thursday’s Wyrd Findings

One day, my time will come, and I’ll be able to afford this Skull with Amethyst Growth Ring and this Veil Ring. Both are by Macabre Gadgets. I would strut around the house in this Steel Cropped Top by Fannie Schiavoni. Made of oxidized steel rings and handmade in London, it can help any woman… Continue reading Thursday’s Wyrd Findings