Sound Of The Day : Djevel

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, hoping to find some inspirational posts that could lead me to discovering something new to feature here...and I was in luck. A friend of mine from Norway had dropped a status about the Oslo based black metal band Djevel. Curious, I hurried to their Facebook page, and… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Djevel

Sound Of The Day : Nychts

Ambient black metal from Switzerland to start the day. Nychts (Old German for 'nothing') have a sound which sinks into my marrow. The harsh, harrowing vocals and distant howls take me away from the table where I am typing this, and drop me in another time and place. Their work is diverse and surprising from… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Nychts

Primordial : Wield Lightning To Split The Sun

I have been a fan of Irish black metal band Primordial for a long time, and they have never disappointed me. Every album they have released is a solid as fuck masterpiece. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself then come back and give me your answer. Anyway, the wait for their latest album Where Greater… Continue reading Primordial : Wield Lightning To Split The Sun

Album Review: Luna Ad Noctum – Hypnotic Inferno

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