365 Days Od Dark Art : 89 / Adam Burke

Adam Burke's  work will change your outlook on fantasy art forever. Fantasy artists are a big influence, I mean they’re just embedded in my psyche as this forbidden fruit from childhood. Now as I illustrate for other bands or my own band, I try to tap into those feelings I had when I saw this … Continue reading 365 Days Od Dark Art : 89 / Adam Burke



Based in Spain, Neirahda provides exquisite wood, antler and leather jewellery inspired by history, nature and fantasy. I am particularly taken with their small selection of handcrafted wooden boxes, decorated with beautiful, hand drawn Viking inspired artwork.

Jon Sideriadis

Detail rich, original and affordable dark art - that's what I like to see on Etsy, and that's exactly what artist Jon Sideriadis provides. Some of his pieces strongly remind me of the art of John Bauer - and art that reminds me of John Bauer is always a good thing. Enjoy Sideriadis's art then … Continue reading Jon Sideriadis