Sound Of The Day : Gaahl’s Wyrd

I've been feeling musically malnourished recently. For everything I've been trying out the past few weeks, my reaction has been like this: Nope, next, nope, next, nope, next... It's been making me feel pretty fucking sad, to be honest. I'm like a different person when I have good, new music in my life. So today,… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gaahl’s Wyrd

Sound Of The Day : Ghaal’s Wyrd

I should have been at the very first live performance from Ghaal's Wyrd in Bergen as I was volunteering at the Blekk Metal Festival, but sadly the show was at 1am and after a full day of volunteering I was falling asleep on my feet. Fortunately the show was recorded, and here you can sample… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ghaal’s Wyrd

Ghaal’s Wyrd Debut At Blekk Metal Festival

I was at Blekk Metal Festival in Bergen when Ghaal's Wyrd made their debut appearance on stage. However they came on at 1am by which time I was dead in bed. (It had been a LONG day.) Fortunately however, a kind soul captured some of the gig on camera. You can watch it below. Enjoy!… Continue reading Ghaal’s Wyrd Debut At Blekk Metal Festival