Rannka is a real mixed bag of a store, offering handmade clothing, jewellery and accessories. Some of their wares are far too colourful for my liking, but they offer plenty for those of us who lean into the dark side. I especially like their strip, stretch arm bands and rings.  

Kruel Intentions

I'm insanely selective when it comes to what jewellery I'll wear. Recently, I've made a lot of my own because I struggled to find exactly what I wanted for an affordable price. However, when I came across Kruel Intentions the other day, my immediate thoughts were 'these pieces are perfection...affordable perfection.'

Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings

I don’t wear rings much. But I would if I had this beauty. The Lunar Phase Ring by Pamela Love is available in bronze or antique silver. Personally, silver always wins over bronze for me.     Sometimes, you’re just sat, quietly minding your own business, when something comes along and sweeps you off your… Continue reading Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings