The First Week Of January & How It Went

I had the grandest of plans for the first seven days of January 2021. I was going to write and take a photo everyday and write some more and drink lots of water and consume less salt and journal and run every morning and go to bed at 10.30 and get up at 7 and… Continue reading The First Week Of January & How It Went

A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

A Few Things I'm Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021 This list isn't particularly vast and mostly features books I want to read, but it was only several weeks ago that I started to feel a sense of optimism about the future after a very long time with no hope whatsoever. I hope… Continue reading A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

Freezing Moments: Some Words On Taking Photographs

A few weeks back, I was asked by a kindly soul if I could write something about getting into photography. I was flattered, stunned and a little bit terrified by the request. Why? Because despite shooting photos on and off for over ten years, I know virtually nothing about the art form. One of the… Continue reading Freezing Moments: Some Words On Taking Photographs

2020 In 100 Good Things

I had been avoiding my email inbox for ages, but yesterday, when my first poem of the year was refusing to come together, I found myself sneaking in to have a peek around and found an unread newsletter from the brilliant Austin Kleon. At the top of the newsletter was a link to Austin’s 100… Continue reading 2020 In 100 Good Things

They Met Above The Tallest Fir In The Forest

They met above the tallest fir in the forest. The encouragement that I've received from you wonderful people who read my blog has helped to spur me on today. It's been an extremely challenging 1st of January. Emotions that I thought I'd buried, resurfaced and I didn't know how to push them back down. I… Continue reading They Met Above The Tallest Fir In The Forest

The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

Something that I've discovered during my Darkest Days journey, and that I haven't been able to stop thinking about, is the age old tradition in Scandinavia of leaving food out for the dead on Christmas Eve. (I know mince pies aren't tradition in the Far North but I didn't have any pepparkakor or lutefisk to… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

While researching into Jack Frost, I found out that if you didn't praise the art he left on the window panes, you'd have to face his wrath...which could involve being led astray in sub zero temperatures. This led me to create the following poem. It's a very rough first draft, so please bear with me!… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

The Darkest Days – The Snow Maiden

'...she was a creature of ice and snow and could not survive the warmth she felt in her heart. With the faintest sigh, she began to melt. As they stepped from the forest into the rays of the sun, Lel went to hold Snegurochka but, as he did so, her feet melted beneath her; she… Continue reading The Darkest Days – The Snow Maiden