Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

I am forever in awe of Copenhagen based (very) luxury (although I wish it wasn't so much luxury, so that I'd be actually able to afford something sometime) avant garde clothing giant Barbara I Gongini. Usually I'm pretty good with keeping up to date with the most recent dark fashion, but there is ALWAYS something … Continue reading Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat


New Arrivals At Barbara I Gongini

I think Faroese born, Denmark based  designer Barbara I Gongini has to be one of the most prolific designers out there. Her new arrivals collection is, as always, composed of wearable darkness that stands leagues apart from the majority of the clothing out there in the dark fashion world.

Interview : Nymla

The extraordinary, fantastical creations of multi-talented Swedish Craftswoman Caroline Eklund (Nymla) are inspired by legends and history, fantasy, nature and Scandinavian folklore. If I find myself under the influence of a depression, I spend a few moments browsing through her works. Her portfolio of trolls and elaborate masks, fantastical costumes and props helps to dislodge … Continue reading Interview : Nymla

New Arrivals At Barbara I Gongini

If you have been following this blog for a fair while, you'll know that I'm obsessed with Copenhagen based designer Barbara I Gongini and her vision of Nordic Fashion. This woman is a power house and is constantly revealing new wares. I'm getting hyped over the latest arrivals in her webstore.