Re-Visiting Osteal, Provider Of Scavenged Talismans

It was way back in 2012 - the year before Wyrd Words & Effigies launched - that I encountered Osteal, provider of earthy talismans from woodswoman Amanda Joe. I remember I bought a deer vertebrae necklace from her (thus starting my obsession with crafting my own jewellery from bones) and wore it to death. My… Continue reading Re-Visiting Osteal, Provider Of Scavenged Talismans

Interview : Osteal Jewelry

Last year I happened upon an Etsy site that made me momentarily lose my ability to talk. My jaw was hanging around somewhere on the floor and before I found it again, I knew I had to, had to had to have a piece of Amanda Langston’s work. I fell deeply in love with a… Continue reading Interview : Osteal Jewelry