Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I have a long-standing fascination with Baba Yaga. I first encountered this Eastern European folkloric character at the tender age of seven. There was a hut in the woods near my school which, I was told, was her house. Naturally, this terrified me, but I was an odd child, and thrived on fear. I’m utterly… Continue reading Monday’s Wyrd Findings

Saturday’s Wyrd Findings

What’s not to fucking adore about the Black Winter Coat by YL1 Dress? Just look at that hood.   This sterling silver Glory Twig pendent is hand crafted by Dragon Scale Arts. When Odin hung from the World Tree, his rune staves fell from their pouch and onto the ground. The pattern they formed enabled… Continue reading Saturday’s Wyrd Findings

Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings

I don’t wear rings much. But I would if I had this beauty. The Lunar Phase Ring by Pamela Love is available in bronze or antique silver. Personally, silver always wins over bronze for me.     Sometimes, you’re just sat, quietly minding your own business, when something comes along and sweeps you off your… Continue reading Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings