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Stitching In The Dark : A Week Of Swedish Words

Oh my goodness if feels so good to sit down and write here. I’ve been aching for my blog for days now, and have felt so fucking forlorn when I’ve needed to go… Continue reading

Stitching In The Dark : A Week Of Swedish Words

I was excited when I woke up this morning, excited A: because there was snow outside (but also great stretches of ice which made walking to school a bitch). B: Because I had… Continue reading

Katie Metcalfe Photography : Something Evil

Some images from a photoshoot deep in the Swedish forests with @erzabethbathory. If you’re interested in seeing more of my photography, you can find my website here and if you’re interested in buying… Continue reading

Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : Katie Metcalfe Photography Gift List

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been pushing hard with my photography, which included the launch of a new website and now, the weekly release of a new series of recent… Continue reading

In The Skies Over Sweden

Quite often the content you will find here has been first sourced when I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook news feed, in the hope of finding something wonderfully wyrd to report back to… Continue reading

Sound Of The Day : Rimfrost

My man went back to work today after several weeks of vacation, and it feels like I’m missing a limb. It’ll take a few days to adjust, I think. Ride The Storm by… Continue reading

Thrift Haul

There’s nothing quite like the feeling just before the thrift hunt…that absolutely anything can be found. Thing is, thrifting isn’t only something I do because-I-love-it-and-it’s-one-of-the-best-things- to-do-in- the- world-ever, it’s something I need to do.… Continue reading

Watch Rimfrost In Action

If you click on the video below, you’ll see the whole Rimfrost gig that was performed at Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan, Sweden. 

My Other Shadows : Day Forty One

Malin Mellryd Etsy Store

There was reason for excitement this morning, when I discovered that Swedish creative Malin Mellryd had launched an Etsy store selling – for the moment – jewellery. Malin’s pendents are made from natural… Continue reading