Sound Of The Day : Burzum

I am an enormous fan of Varg's 2014 album offering The Ways of Yore, especially the third track Heill Odinn. It has a beautiful hypnotism about it which calms my head like nothing else can. Sit back. Close your eyes. Absorb. If you have the time, take in the full album this evening. I intend… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Burzum

True Norwegian Black Candle

Ever had the desire to burn a church but don't want to serve time? Well, Bergen based graphic design company Higren can make your dark dreams come true with this True Norwegian Black Candle. This latest version is inspired by Fantoft Stave Church, the church  burned to the ground by Varg Vikernes on June 6th… Continue reading True Norwegian Black Candle

Interview With Photographer Susu Laroche

I can’t remember when I first stumbled across the enigmatic work of Susu Laroche, but her unusual imagery burned itself into my subconscious, and I found myself encountering it with an odd regularity. Sharing her pictures and words became a task I had to undertake. Enjoy.   Would you mind talking about the time you… Continue reading Interview With Photographer Susu Laroche

Book Review – Black Metal: European Roots & Musical Extremities (Ed. Troy Southgate)

Whenever I hear about the publication of a new book on the subject of Black Metal, I pounce and pre-order. When the tome arrives, I savour it, lapping up every word, sometimes putting it back down after one chapter, to return to it the following day, so as to make it last longer. My first… Continue reading Book Review – Black Metal: European Roots & Musical Extremities (Ed. Troy Southgate)