Armoured Wolf

Armoured Wolf  has to be one of the best names for  store that I've ever come from. I simply had to feature it. As well as having a fucking epic name, they also have some fucking epic products. I'm particularly in love with their leather eagle feather hair barrettes. If I had these waiting for… Continue reading Armoured Wolf

Anatomical Crockery

If I had some spare cash floating around, I'd stock up on this anatomical crockery for 'the bottom drawer.'  Nothing says 'I'm weird and proud of it' better than plates and cups decorated with bones and body parts. Get these beauties from the oddly titled Folded Pigs - re-purposed restaurant ware.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Tonight (US time) something dark and wonderful will open in Brooklyn, New York City. The Morbid Anatomy Museum includes a library, a classroom, cafe, gift shop and gallery for temporary exhibitions. The exhibition they're opening with tonight is entitled 'The Art of Mourning.' My heart jumps just thinking of all the gloriously morbid artifacts and images… Continue reading The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Thursday’s Wyrd Findings

I’ve had a very love/hate relationship with the internet over the past few days, but coming across sites such as Elemental Child restores my faith in the tangled web. Elemental Child's founder, Gillian makes extraordinarily beautiful headpieces.   Daughter Of The Day Comb Link::     The only think that would part me from this… Continue reading Thursday’s Wyrd Findings

Wednesday’s Wyrd Findings

Wyrd Findings is something new which I've decided to do on a (hopefully) daily basis. Basically I'm going to be sharing wyrd things which I've found and want to spread the word about. It'll primarily feature jewellery, clothes, music and art and sometimes other things like relevant events, literature and odd bits and pieces. Let… Continue reading Wednesday’s Wyrd Findings