Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : Katie Metcalfe Photography Gift List

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd been pushing hard with my photography, which included the launch of a new website and now, the weekly release of a new series of recent and unseen photographs. I launched the first collection last Sunday and am making preparations for this Sunday's release. Today I lowered the… Continue reading Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : Katie Metcalfe Photography Gift List

My Other Shadows : Day One

Last night I decided that today I'd start a new 100 day self portraiture project called 'My Other Shadows.' I've been wanting to explore self portraiture more and really push myself to create new and interesting images, and combine them with some words. So, here's the first one. I love winter so dearly I horde… Continue reading My Other Shadows : Day One

The Long Stillness

I picked up 100 copies of my fourth poetry collection The Long Stillness today. It's beautiful and I'm incredibly proud. This collection was initially published online in 2013 and this is the first time it's been in print. A young woman pulls on her wolf skin so she can bring down an elk. The sudden… Continue reading The Long Stillness