How I Know I'm In Recovery From Depression

It's Easier To Get Up In The Morning When I was in the depth of my depression, waking up in the morning was the very worst part of the day. I lost count of the number of times that I woke up and muttered "for fuck's sake," because I was still alive. Physically, it felt… Continue reading How I Know I'm In Recovery From Depression

An Interpretation Of Elly Kedward

I am smitten with this statuette by Rumtucket Trading Co of Elly Kedward from The Blair Witch Project. In the film and "documentary", we were given lots of hints, allusions, and backstory for the Witch, but never got to see her. I loved how that allowed me to invent her in my head, making her… Continue reading An Interpretation Of Elly Kedward

Finding Light In The Blackout

My creative output for the past several months has been pretty much nonexistent. Even as I type this, I worry that I won't be able to convey exactly just how fucking difficult it's been - and still is - because my brain is all fog and no substance. But I'm better than I was a… Continue reading Finding Light In The Blackout

Things Are Stirring At Slice Of The Moon Books

I'm DELIGHTED to reveal the cover for MAIDEN MOTHER CRONE, the upcoming poetry anthology from my little press Slice Of The Moon Books. With cover art and illustrations by the incomparable Logan Smith Salmon AKA @lass.illustration. Strong, eclectic, fearless poems from new and established writers, beautifully illustrated by @lass.illustration. This is a book for all… Continue reading Things Are Stirring At Slice Of The Moon Books

Sounds Of The Day

In 2019 I made music but listened to hardly any. Chelsea Wolfe managed to find her way into my head with The Birth Of Violence as did Grift with Aftonklang Live at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, but that (and Windir) was pretty much all I could tolerate. However, today I felt ready to reclaim my love… Continue reading Sounds Of The Day