Interview : Sisters of the Black Moon

I experience an almost overwhelmingly wonderful feeling when I wander through the Sisters of the Black Moon site. Click after click, view after view, my heart expands, and I find myself thinking; ‘these women must have slipped into my mind and rooted around until they found what I love most of all. They must have.’

And so, I feel exceptionally lucky that Sara Larocca-Ramm – one of the three beautiful sisters – kindly agreed to an interview for Wyrd Words & Effigies. I’m extremely excited about featuring Sisters of the Black Moon, and am delighted I have the opportunity to spread the word about their astonishing creations, stunning vintage finds, and sublime collaborations.


Sisters of the Black Moon

Your awe-inspiring, magnificently multilayered web store sets my heart on fire. How would you describe Sisters of the Black Moon and the service that you provide?

I hope that SOTBM can be a sanctuary for like-minded women, artists and creatives.  SOTBM is an online web store with an enigmatic spirit that is carefully curated by the three of us. It is our safe haven that reflects our personal style and visions whether it be through the clothes/accessories/apothecary we offer or through our editorials. We continually aim to preserve the purity of creative thought and expression while expanding the realm of possibility.


SOTBM has been in existence for only a few years, but you’ve built up this incomparable, dark empire. Can you please talk about the birth of your business, and the journey to get to where you are today? Was it a relatively smooth ride, or were there lots of hurdles along the way?

Shoot, thank you! The three of us were looking for something that gave us creative freedom. We prefer to march to the beat of our own drum. We came up with the idea to launch an online store and within a week, we were live.  We are ever-evolving, tweaking and throwing fresh ideas around. Of course there have been hurdles. We have funded this ourselves from the beginning with no loans or help so we have had to make wise business decisions and take smart risks. What it comes down to for us is building a closet of beautiful pieces that one can wear forever; eccentricities we can pass down to our children.

Savage Dress

Savage Dress

 Sudri Skirt

Sudri Skirt

 Svala Maxi Cardigan

Svala Maxi Cardigan

I understand two sisters are based in the States, and one sister in Sweden. Does this make working collectively a bit difficult, or has it just fallen into place and worked itself out nicely?

This has actually been such a blessing. We are able to dress women for different climates and from a different point of view. We have made some amazing connections with Swedish designers. Also, Scandinavian nature has become a major influence in our design process. We do miss each other very much and working on all projects in person…that is the difficult side.

You’re all enamoured by fashion, and I’m repeatedly struck dumb by the pieces you collect to sell on. How did you all fall in love with fashion, and how have your individual styles changed since starting up SOTBM?

Thank you! We all came to love fashion at different stages in our lives and each have our own artistic expression which helps to add dimension to our work. I think as we’ve all matured, become mothers and grown with our company, we tend to stick to a less is more formula. Minimalism is a big part of all of our wardrobes while still having as many layers as we deem possible considering the season. Sweden lends much more ease into our love of layering with the weather there while the Texas summers force us to find different routes to stay true to our everyday style.


Ombre Lace Victorian Maxi

 Liquid Leather Jumpsuit

Liquid Leather Jumpsuit

You regularly produce these breathtaking editorials. Can you please talk about the photographer responsible for the imagery, and what do you want these images to represent and say to your customers?

We have worked with a couple of different photographers. Alexandra Valenti is one of our close friends. She has shot most of our editorials. When we shoot with her, we always create an almost fanatical dreamworld that we all wish to live in. She always pushes us to use more color. I think in every editorial we want to represent the inner strength/spirit of women. Our latest editorial, “Dawn of Fortitude”, was shot by photographer Dagny Piasecki. The recent transitions regarding womens health in Texas spoke to us on an extraordinary level and that battle was a major point of focus when shooting this story.

In your store you stock clothing by Ovate and prints by photographer Krist Mort. What is it about the ladies behind these businesses, and their work, that inspires you?

Audrey Cantwell, the designer behind Ovate, has been with us since the beginning of our webstore. She was actually the first designer we felt represented the SOTBM aesthetic perfectly. She is producing pieces that are staples in your wardrobe, but with a dramatic twist. She is an incredible business woman on top of that, at such a young age! We actually came across Krist Mort through Audrey and fell in love immediately. Her imagery always communicates this connection with a woman and the earth. You always want to know more than what the picture reveals.

 Ceremony Bag

Ceremony Bag

 Anu Tera Amethyst Crown

Anu Tera Amethyst Crown


In January 2013 you launched your stunning collection Disir. What is the inspiration behind this collection, and how do you want the wearers of the pieces to feel when they slip on one of the garments?

Norse mythology was a huge part of the vision behind this collection. Long, draped jersey in black. We wanted each piece to be something a woman could throw on with ease, but feel empowered and confident. We also wanted these to be pieces that could be worn and layered throughout many seasons.

If you could choose one piece from the Disir collection what would it be and why?

That’s a tough one as we would all wear every single piece to shreds. Our Sudri Skirt has been our best seller by far. It is such a simple maxi skirt but there is this tough edginess to it because of the harness. The Svala Cardigan is a close second.

 Dagny Piasecki 3

Dagny Piasecki

 Dagny Piasecki 2

Dagny Piasecki

 Dagny Piasecki

 Dagny Piasecki

Dagny Piasecki 4

Dagny Piasecki

You stock the most incredible collection of vintage clothing, and are constantly re-stocking. Where do you find your stock, and how does it make you feel parting with pieces that you have a strong connection to?

We really source vintage from everywhere. Thrift stores, family closets, our own closets, and online. It gets easier and easier to let go of pieces. We know that we will always come across something just as incredible in some shape or form in the future. Since we are all mothers, we are usually in simple clothing on a daily basis so why not give that amazing dress a home where it will be worn.

As well as clothing and accessories, you also supply a selection of beauty products, and I’m led to believe you have a collaboration with Naked Eye Beauty?

That is correct! We have 2 amazing scents in collaboration with Jenn from Naked Eye Beauty; Ether and Moonshine.  We also have a lip balm, soap, 2 body butters, and hair powder.  All of these items are organic and vegan and they are beauty products we all use on a daily basis.

Can you please share the names of some of your current favourite designers?

Inaisce, Obscur, Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Rick Owens, Ann Demulemeester, Barbara I Gongini, Haider Ackermann.

How do you envisage SOTBM developing in the coming years?

Right now we are in the final stages of our new collection. I think designing our own clothing is going to be a huge part of our future. We have a lot of new ideas on the horizon but don’t want to let too much out of the bag just yet….so stay tuned!

Where can we find you?

Select Disir pieces are sold at Blackmail Boutique in Austin and Curio Boutique in Los Angeles. You can find our apothecary at Feathers Boutique in Austin and Golden Folk Wellness in Los Angeles.

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